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How to Deal With Sexual Harassment

Which of the following true incidents do you believe are sexual harassment? A co-worker keeps his wife’s picture on his desk. The picture was taken on their Hawaiian honeymoon, and she’s wearing a bikini. The picture is visible to anyone … Continue reading

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Exemptions From Overtime Under Federal Law – FLSA

Since federal and state laws, not employers, dictate who is entitled to overtime pay, a number of legal tests must be examined to determine whether your employer has properly classified you. There are many overtime exemptions, and some are more … Continue reading

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Employee Not Bound By Arbitration Clause In Employee Handbook

A court of appeal recently held that an employee was not bound by an arbitration clause contained in a lengthy employee handbook because the clause was not called to the employee’s attention, the employee did not specifically agree to arbitrate … Continue reading

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The NLRB’s Possible Challenge of At-Will Employment Clauses

In the NLRB’s latest journey into non-unionized business practices, one of its Administrative Law Judges (ALJ’s) has decided that an “at-will employment clause” which was part of a non-unionized employer’s employee handbook acknowledgment page violates Section 7 of the National … Continue reading

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Can your boss force you to work overtime?

I have received the following interesting questions on my website: “When I work more than 40 hours a week, my employer pays me overtime, which is great. The trouble is that I don’t want to work overtime; I want to … Continue reading

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